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Saturday September 28th - 2 Man Best Ball  A & B Flights @ Dande Farms GC

Saturday June 29th - A & B Team Championship @ Elma Meadows GC

Friday/Saturday July 12th & 13th - A-B-C- Individual Championship @ HPGC

Tuesday July 30th - Senior Individual @ Hickory Stick GC

Friday August 16th - Senior 2 Man Best Ball @ Grover Cleveland GC

Saturday August 31st - 2 Man Scramble @ Links at Ivy Ridge GC

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Monday May 6th - 2 Man Scramble @ Fox Valley

Monday June 3rd Mid-Am Championship @ Springville CC

Thursday June 6th - Senior Amateur Championship @ Park CC

Friday June 7th - BDGA Match Play Championship @ Lancaster CC

Saturday/Sunday July 6th & 7th - Erie County Amateur Championship @ Elma Meadows GC

August 1st thru 3rd BDGA Men's District Championship @ Brierwood CC

Friday Aug. 30th Brian Williams Senior Net Championship @ Niagara Frontier CC

​Saturday Sept. 7th - BDGA Scholarship Fundraising Tournament @ Hickory Stick GC

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Visit the website for  more tournament listings and sign up.


​​Saturday April 27th 11am - Show up...sign up...and play. Pre-season warmup tournament

                                                                Canceled Due To Weather

Sunday May 5th  11am - A-B-C Medalist sponsored by HPGC > Tee Times Will Be Posted

   >Also sign up begins for the 32 Man Match Play Tournament and the Ryder Cup Tournament

 Canceled Due To Weather                                                


Sunday May 19th 11am - A-B-C Medalist. Sponsored by West Herr Honda and Jerry Signore

                                                  Hot Dogs & Hamburgers following the tournament

                                                                          Ryder Cup Team Selection

Tournament Winners

A FlightB FlightC Flight
1st HdcpRick Horn - 71/67Paul Demunda - 81/70Tom Teeto Jr. - 87/71
1st ScratchJerry Casero - MOC 74Brad McLeod - 84Tom Teeto Sr. - 94

Saturday/Sunday May 25th & 26th 11am - One Niagara Tourist Center Ryder Cup sponsored by Rick

Horn  Paul Grenga


Congratulations to the Mike Spanbauer Captained Team for winning the Second Annual Niagara Tourist Center Ryder Cup !


Sunday June 2nd 10am - A-B-C Medalist sponsored by Joey's Pizzeria and John Spanbauer. A & B Team Qualifier

Tournament Results

A FlightB FlightC Flight
1st HdcpR. Horn - 77/71D. O'Callahan Jr. - 76/64 (MOC)J. VItello - 83/68
2nd HdcpJ. Munro - 76/73 (MOC)P. Demunda - 75/64B. Spacone - 91/70
Low ScratchG. Corsaro Jr. - 74D. Ross - 81G. Bane - 95

Qualifiers for the A and B Teams along with the BOD picks will be contacted

Sunday June 16th 11am - A-B-C Medalist Father's Day Special sponsored by Jimmy's Tavern and Jimmy Laughlin

Tournament Results

A FlightB FlightC Flight
1st HdcpJ. Munro - 73/69D. O'Callahan Jr. - 74/63G. Corsaro Sr. - 88/68
2nd HdcpJ. Perry - 76/70G. O'Callahan - 79/66T. Teeto Jr. - 88/71
Low ScratchJ. Casero - 76P. Demunda - 79 (MOC)T. Teeto Sr. - 87

Sunday June 23rd 11am - Front 9 2 Man Ball - Back 9 2 Man Scramble Member/Guest sponsored by Tom Teeto's Auto Center and Tom Teeto

Tournament Results
1stC. Perry/A. Williams - 59
2ndM. Spanbauer/G. Signore - 60
3rdN. Ross/D. Becker - 61


Sunday June 30th 11am - 2 Man Teams 9 Hole BB-9 Hole Scramble sponsored by Players Sports Bar and Mark O'Farrel/Jerry                                               Alaimo

Tournament Results
1stJ. Munro/D. O'Callahan Jr. - 63/61 (MOC)
2ndR. Horn/M. Spanbauer - 63/61
3rdT. Tedesco Jr./N. DeSimone - 67/64

Saturday July 6th 11am - Harold and Agnes Burns Memorial 36 Tourney sponsored by Robin and Mike Burns

Tournament Results
1stD. Ross - 47 Points
2ndR. Horn - 46 Points
3rdJ. Munro - 45 Points

Sunday July 21st 11am - Arthur Havlick 2 Man Scramble sponsored by Al and Judy Fabrizio

Tournament Results
1stC. Perry/T. Tedesco - 60/55
2ndD. O'Callahan Jr./S. Tubinis - 63/57
3rdM. Spanbauer/G. O'Callahan - 65/60

Friday-Saturday-Sunday July 26th, 27th and 28th Hyde Park Club Championship


Tournament Results

A FlightB FlightC Flight
1st ScratchD. Ciurczak - 219S. Tubinis - 227T. Teeto Sr. - 251
2nd ScratchJ. Casero - 224D. O'Callahan Jr. - 231T. Rickard - 258
3rd ScratchJ. Munro - 227J. Spanbauer - 244
1st HdcpM. Jacob - 206D. Cuddy - 199B. Kaumeyer - 206
2nd HdcpJ. Destino - 209J. Vitello - 201

Saturday August 3rd 12pm - Member/Guest John Spanbauer Memorial 2 Man Shamble sponsored by Mike Spanbauer

Tournament Results
1st ScratchJ. Ciurczak/D. Ciurczak - 61
2ndScratchD. O'Callahan Jr./P. Demunda - 62
3rd ScratchC. Perry/D. Perry - 63
1st HdcpD. Clingersmith/R. Williams - 58

Saturday-Sunday August 17th and 18th 10am - Niagara Golf Partners Open Championship A-B-C Flights Scratch and Handicap

​Sponsored by Niagara Golf Partners LLC

Must have a valid USGA Handicap in order to compete in the Handicap Division

Tournament Results

A FlightB FlightC Flight
1st HdcpD. O'Callahan Jr. - 151/131P. Demunda - 155/131 (MOC)T. Teeto Jr.. - 175/137
2nd HdcpS. Tubinis - 157/137J. Spanbauer - 161/131B. Spacone - 185/139
1st ScratchR. Horn - 145J. Vitello - 1621 (MOC)J. Briglio - 179


Sunday August 25th 10am - Patsy Ciccarelli Memorial 2 Man Scramble sponsored by Pat Ciccarelli

Tournament Results
1stM. Jacob/S. Tubinis - 62/58
2ndD. O'Callahan Jr./J. Munro - 69/59 (MOC)
3rdR. Williams/J. Spanbauer - 62/59

Sunday September 1st 10am - Red-White-Blue 2 Man Scramble sponsored by Griffon Restaurant and Doug Crocker

Tournament Results
1stR. Horn/D. O'Callahan Sr. - 61/57
2ndJ. Munro/T.Teeto Sr. - 63/58 (MOC)
3rdG. O'Callahan/J. Casero - 62/58 (MOC)

Sunday September 8th 10am - A-B-C Medalist sponsored by Koban's Restaurant and Bob Spacone

Tournament Results

A FlightB FlightC Flight
1st HdcpM. Spanbauer - 72/64D. Ross - 76/61P. Holody - 79/60
2nd HdcpJ. Casero - 69/65T. Teeto Sr. - 77/62G. Hood - 90/67
ScratchR. Horn - 70B. McLeod - 78G. Signore - 88 (MOC)

Saturday September 14th 10am - Front 9 Best Ball/Back 9 Scramble Judi's Lounge sponsored by Judi's Lounge and Rick Williams

​This is the FINAL Tournament towards Jaco Cup Points

Tournament Results

N. Disimone/T. Tedesco Jr. - 59

2ndA. Fabrizio/J. Munro - 60
3rdD. O'Callahan Jr./P. Demunda - 61(MOC)

Saturday October 5th 10am - JA Brundage Plumbing and Drain Doctor  & Jojo Perry

                                                 4 Man Scramble - Teams will be a random draw based on handicaps

1stC. Perry, P. Holody, T. Teeto Sr., B. McLeod - 59
2ndJ. Munro, S. Tubinis, G. O'Callahan - 61

D. Ciurczak, D. O'Callahan Jr., B. Spacone - 62 (MOC)

End of Year Dinner

The End of Year Dinner will be held on Friday October 18th at Kelly's on the Green at 6pm.

Prior to the dinner we will be hosting a tournament beginning at 1pm.

Cost will be $10.00 with cash payout after tournament.