This is a tentative schedule and subject to change

​Last Updated 05-29-18


Saturday May 19th - BIll Boyle 2 Man Better Ball @ Dande Farms

Friday June 8th - Senior Two Man Better Ball @ Niagara County Course

Saturday June 23rd - Team Championship @ Hyde Park GC

Friday/Saturday July 13th & 14th - A-B Individual @ Sheridan Park

Sunday July 15th - Class C Individual @ Grover Cleveland

Tuesday July 31st - Senior Individual @ Glen oak

Saturday September 1st - 2 Man Scramble @ Byrncliff

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Monday May 7th - 2 Man Scramble @ Fox Valley

Tuesday May 15th to Friday May 18th Match Play Championship @ River Oaks GC

Sunday May 20th - Men's Sr. Scratch @ Cherry Hill

Monday June 18th Mid-Am Championship @ Craig Burn CC

Saturday July 7th and Sundau July 8th Erie County Championship @ Grover Cleveland GC

Thursday August 16th to Saturday August 18th Men's Individual Championship @ Craig Burn CC

Friday August 31 Brian Williams Sr. Net Championship @ Niagara Frontier CC

Saturday September 8th Scholarship Tournament 4 Man Scramble @ Hickory Stick GC

TBA (October) - Team Championship 4 Man Teams

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Sunday May 6th - 11am > A-B-C Flight Medalist sponsored by the HPGC

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Tournament Results

A FlightB FlightC Flight
1st ScratchC. Perry - 69B. O'Donnell - 82T. Teeto Jr. - 88
1st HdcpD. Rickard - 75/68D. O'Callahan Jr. - 82/67J. Ciurczak - 83/66

Saturday May 12th - 11am > Two Man Scramble (Member/Guest)

Sponsored by Tom Teeto's Auto Center and Tom Teeto

1st HandicapC. Bellegia/P. Demunda - 64/59
2nd HandicapM. Spanbauer/JJ. Perry - 62/60 (MOC)
3rd HandicapT. Tedesco/G. DeSimone - 66/60

Sunday May 20th - 11am > A and B Team Qualifier Medalist

Sponsored by West Herr Honda and Jerry Signore

Burgers and Dogs afterwards at the Oasis


Tournament Results

A FlightB FlightC Flight
1st ScratchB. Gravino - 74J. Spanbauer - 80 (MOC)B. Clingersmith - 80
1st HandicapS. Tubinis - 78/71 (MOC)D. O'Callahan Jr. -82/66 (MOC)G. O'Callahan - 82/60

Saturday/Sunday May 26th & 27th - 11am > One Niagara Tourist Center Ryder Cup

Sponsored by Rick Horn and Paul Grenga

Congratulations to Rick Horn and his team who prevailed over Jim Munro's team in our first annual Ryder Cup!

Sunday June 3rd - 11am > A-B-C Individual

Sponsored by Rich's Expert Door

Tournament Results

A FlightB FlightC Flight
1st ScratchR. Horn - 73P. Demunda - 80G. Signore - 85
1st HandicapD. Ciurczak - 70/66D. O'Callahan Jr. - 77/62J. Ciurczak - 84/67

Sunday June 17th - 11am > A-B-C Individual

Sponsored by Jimmy's Tavern and Jimmy Lauglin

Tournament Results

A FlightB FlightC Flight
1st HandicapS. Tubinis - 74/67 (MOC)D. O'Callahan Jr. - 79/65 (MOC)G. O'Callahan - 80/63
1st ScratchJ. Perry - 71P. Demunda - 77B. Kaumeyer - 89

Saturday June 23rd - 12pm Shotgun - WNYPLGA Team Championship

Sunday June 24th - 11am > Patsy Ciccarelli Memorial Tournament 2 Man Scramble

Sponsored by Pat Ciccarelli

Tournament Results
1stD. O'Callahan Sr./D. O'Callahan Jr. - 67/60 (MOC)
2ndM. Spanbauer/G. Signore - 65/60
3rdD. Ross/J. Vitello - 70/61

Sunday July 1st - 11am > 9 and 9  2 Man Teams 9 Holes Scramble/9 Holes Best Ball

Sponsored by Players Sports Bar and Mark O'Farrell/Jerry Alaimo

Tournament Results
1stB. O'Donnell/G. Hood - 64/60
2ndB. Kaumeyer/T. Teeto Sr. - 66/61
3rdJ. Vitello/D. Ross - 66/62 (MOC)

Saturday July 7th - 11am > Harold & Agnes Burns Memorial 36 Tournament

Sponsored by Robin and Mike Burns

Tournament Results

A FlightB FlightC Flight
S. Tubinis - 40pts.J. Ciurczak - 46pts.P. Holody - 46pts.
J. Perry - 38pts.D. O'Callahan Sr.  - 44pts. (MOC)R. Williams - 44pts.

Saturday July 14th - 10am > 6-6-6  6 Holes Alternate/6 Holes Bestball/6 Holes Scramble

Sponsored by J.A. Brundage Plumbing & Drain Doctor Certo, Brothers Distributors & JoJo Perry

Tournament Results
1stJ. Luzak/T. Tedescao Jr.- 60 (MOC)
2ndJ. Ciurczak/C. Duff - 60
3rd.K. Sippel/T. Teeto Jr. - 61

Sunday July 22nd - 11am > Arthur Havlick Memorial 2 Man Scramble

Sponsored by Al and Judy Fabrizio

Tournament Results
1st HdcpP. Campbell/P. Ciccarelli - 60/55
2nd HdcpS. Tubinis/G. O'Callahan Jr. - 66/61 (MOC)
3rd HdcpB. Kaumeyer/D. Reynolds - 69/61


Friday July 27th - 1:30pm Saturday July 28th - 9:30am Sunday July 29th -9:30am

A - B - C Flights Scratch & Handicap

Dues MUST be paid by June 30th to be eligible

Sponsored by One Niagara Tourist Center

Tournament Results

A FlightB FlightC Flight
1st ScratchD. Ciurczak  71/72/75 = 218D. Reynolds 72/84/81 = 237T. Teeto Sr. 86/79/84 = 249
2nd ScratchR. Horn 77/69/74 = 220 (MOC)J. Spanbauer 86/77/77 = 240G. Signore 87/85/92 = 264
3rd ScratchJ. Munro 77/77/72 = 226M. Jacob 80/83/79 = 242 (MOC)J. Vitello 87/85/100 = 272 (MOC)
1st HdcpJ.  Casero 220/202D. Crocker 242/194B. Spacone 273/210
2nd HdcpM. Spanbauer 228/210G. O'Callahan 244/202K. Sippel 272/221
3rd HdcpD. Clingersmith 242/215J. Ciurczak 253/208B. Kaumeyer 278/221  (MOC)

Senior Results
1st ScratchJ. Casero - 220
1st Hdcp.D. Crocker - 194

Saturday August 4th - 12pm > John Spanbauer Memorial 2 Man Shamble (Member/Guest)

Sponsored by Mike Spanbauer

Tournament Results

1stC. Perry/D. Perry - 62J. Spanbauer/E. Winker - 58(MOC)
2ndM. Spanbauer/J. Perry - 64D. Ross/N. Ross - 58


Saturday August 18th and Sunday August 19th > 10am

Must be member of HPGC or city resident

Hosted by the HPGC

Tournament Results

A FlightB Flight
1st Hdcp.D. Clingersmith - 152/136P. Demunda - 161/137
2nd Hdcp.M. Spanbauer - 149/139M. Jacob - 158/138
1st ScratchJ. Casero - 147D. O'Callahan Jr. - 156

Sunday September 9th - 10am > Red-White-Blue 2 Man Scramble

Sponsored by Griffon Restaurant and Doug Crocker

Tournament Results
1stJ. Munro/T. Teeto Sr. - 58 (MOC)
2ndG. O'Callahan/J. Casero - 58 (MOC)
3rdP. Demunda/C. Bellegia - 58 (MOC)

Sunday September 16th  - 10am > Judi's Lounge - Hank Jenkins Memorial 2 Man Team Event
                                                  Front Nine 2 Man Best Ball - Back Nine 2 Man Scramble

Sponsored by Judi's Lounge Rick WIlliams, Vince Chiarenza & Bill Evans

Tournament Results
1stD. O'Callahan Jr./S. Tubinis - 59
2ndP. Demunda/D. Ross - 61 (MOC)
3rdM. Spanbauer/J. Perry - 61

Sunday September 23rd - 10am > Individual Medalist A -B - C Flight

Sponsored by Koban's Restaurant and Bob Spacone

Tournament Results

A FlightB Flight
1st HdcpJ. Munro - 70/67J. Ciurczak - 77/65 (MOC)
2nd HdcpM. Spanbauer - 74/69G. Signore - 65
LGD. Ciurczak - 71G. O'Callahan - 81

Saturday October 13th - 10am> Joey's Pizzeria 2 Man Scramble

Sponsored by Joey's Pizzeria

Tee Times

10:30> J. Perry

             G. O'Callahan

             D. Crocker

             M. Spanbauer

11:02> T. Rickard

            B. Spacone

            D. Rickard

            D. Cuddy

10:38> J. Spanbauer

            J. Spanbauer

            P. Campbell

            T. Spanbauer

11:10> R. Williams

            J. Vitello

            G. Bane

            D. Bartels

10:46> J. Munro

             A. McCue

             T. Teeto Sr.

              T. Teeto Jr.         

11:18> S. Tubinis

            D. O'Callahan Jr.

            R. Horn

            P. Ciccarelli

10:54> R. Zendano

             D. O'Callahan Sr.

             P. Demunda

             D. Clingersmith

11:26> A. Fabrizio

            M. Ricotta

End of Year Dinner

The end of year dinner will be held on Saturday October 20th at Kelly's Corner.

Open bar from 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Dinner served at 6:30pm.

Trophy presentations, awarding of gift cards and elections.

A sign up sheet will be posted in the clubhouse.

Please sign up if attending so we an have an accurate head count for dinner.

Members will also meet at the course at 10am for an informal tournament. If interested in playing, just show up.