​Saturday May 20th - Bill Boyle 2 Man Better Ball @ Dande Farms

Friday June 9th - Senior 2 Man Best Ball @ Brighton

Saturday June 24th - A & B Team Championship @ Hyde Park GC​

Sunday July 9th - Class  C Championship @ Grover Cleveland GC​

Fr./Sat. July 14th/15th - A & B Individual Championship @ Sheridan GC​

​Tuesday July 25th - Senior Individual @ Glen Oak GC

​Saturday Sep. 2nd - 2 Man Scramble @ Byrncliff GC

Visit the website for more information.



Monday May 8th - 2 Man Scramble @ Fox Valley

Thursday June 1st - Men's Sr. Scratch @ East Aurora

Monday Aug. 21st - Scholarship Tournament @ Hickory Stick

Tuesday Aug. 29th - Men's Sr. Net @ Tri-County CC

Visit the website for  more tournament listings and sign up.



Friday July 21st - 2:30pm Saturday July 22nd - 9:30am Sunday July 23rd - 9:30am

Sponsored by One Niagara Tourist Center

Dinner to follow final round

Duse MUST be paid by June 21st to be eligible

B. Spacone/T. Rickard - 62/58
D. O'Callahan Jr./Izzarelli - 66/60 (MOC)
J. Spanbauer/P. Demunda - 63/60

Saturday August 5th 12pm - John Spanbauer Memorial 2 Man Shamble Member/Guest

Sponsored by Mike Spanbauer

D. Ciurczak/J. Ciurczak - 65/61
2ndJ. Spanbauer/E. Spanbauer - 69/62 (MOC)
3rdM. Spanbauer/JoJo Perry - 64/62

1stD. Cuddy/D. Rickard - 55
2ndD. Ross/N. Ross - 58 (MOC)
3rdM. Spanbauer/E. Spanbauer - 58

A Flight
B Flight
1st HDCP
S. Tubinis - 65
J. Spanbauer - 62
2nd HDCP
R. Horn - 69
C. Duff - 67 (MOC)
Low Gross
J. Munro - 74
P. Demunda - 80

10am> JJ. Perry

            J. Munro

            T. Teeto Sr.

            T. Teeto Jr.

10:40> D. Reynolds

            D. Radt

            R. Williams

10:08> B. Gravino

            N. Ross

            D. Ross

            D. Cuddy

10:48> D. Bartels

            G. Bane

            F. Nearhoff

            R. DeMunda

10:16> M. Oliveira

            B. Kaumeyer

            R. Hudson

            M. Harvey

10:56> R. Horn

            N. Scibilia

            M. Scibilia

            S. Tubinis

10:24> P. Holody

            J. Ciurczak

            C. Duff

11:04> B. O'Donnell

            E. Spanbauer

            G. Signore

10:32> J. Spanbauer

            A. Fabrizio

            J. Vitello

            B. Spacone

A FlightB Flight
1st HdcpD. Reynolds - 80/71D. Cuddy - 74/61
2nd HdcpG. Cosaro Jr. - 78/72 (MOC)R. Hudson - 85/65
Low ScratchR. Horn - 74J. Spanbauer - 80

B Flight Handicap

1stP. Demunda248/200

Sunday June 25th 11am - Patsy Ciccarelli Memorial 2 Man Scramble

Sponsored by Pat Ciccarelli

R. Horn /P. Ciccarelli - 61
B. Clingersmith/ J. Drozek - 62
P.Kudela/D. Meeter - 3 (MOC)

Saturday Oct. 14th 10am - Red-White-Blue 2 Man Shamble/Best Ball

End of Jaco Cup Season

Sunday May 21st 11am - Jimmy Rickard Memorial A and B Individual Publinks Team Qualifier

Sponsored by Legends Sports Bar & Tim Rickard

Hot Dogs and Burgers post tournament

Live Draft for May 27th-28th Ryder Cup Team Tournament

Saturday Oct. 7th 10am - Koban's Restaurant A & B Medalist

Sponsored by Koban's Restaurant and Bob Spacone

Saturday June 24th 12pm - WNYPLGA A & B Team Championships

Saturday July 1st 11am - 2 Man 9 Holes Best Ball - 9 Holes Scramble

Sponsored by Players Sports Bar & Mark O'Farrell

​Sun. May 28th ​Individual A & B Sponsored by Rick Horn

A FlightB Flight
1st HDCPS. Tubinis - 70/64J. Spanbauer - 77/65
2md HDCPM. Spanbauer - 73/68D. Cuddy - 80/70
LGR. Horn - 74B. O'Donnell - 82

Sunday July 16th 11am - J.A. Brundage Plumbing & Drain Doctor 6-6-6 

A- Blue Tees      B - White Tees

Sponsored by J.A. Brundage and Jojo Perry

M. Spanbauer/J. Munro - 59
B. Spacone/T. Rickard - 60
D. Clingersmith/A. Fabrizio - 62

A Flight
B Flight
1st Hcp
D. Ciurczak -70/65
D. Cuddy - 79/66
2nd Hdcp
JoJo Perry - 73/71
P. Demunda - 82/67
J. Csero - 78
G. Bane - 84

Saturday May 13th 11am - 2 Man Best Ball Member/Guest

Sponsored by Tom Teeto's Auto Center

Team Captain - Jim Munro
Team Captain - Jim Ciurczak
J. Munro - JoJo PerryC. Duff - T. Pratt
R. Horn - M. SpanbauerJ. Spanbauer - B. Clingersmith
D. Ciurczak - N. Ross
P. Demunda - B. O'Donnell
A. Fabrizio - D. Reynolds
J. Ciurczak - P. Holody
D. Clingersmtih - P. CiccarelliE. Spanbauer - J. Vitello
R. Vanni - M. ScibiliaD. Crocker - D. Cuddy

Sunday July 30th 10am - Hank Jenkins Memorial Red-White-Blue

Sponsored by Bill Evans, Vince Chiarenza, Rick Williams & Judi's Lounge

Sunday Oct. 22nd 10am - Individual with Blind Draw to Determine Two Man Team

A FlightB Flight
1st HdcpR. Horn 71/68P. Demunda 76/61
2nd HdcpJ. Munron73/70B. O'Donnell 81/65 (MOC)
LGJ.J. Perry 73D. Clingersmith 82 (MOC)

Sunday August 27th 10am - A & B Individual

Sponsored by the Polish Nook

A FlightB Flight
1st ScratchJ. Casero - 148D. Cuddy - 161
2nd ScratchJoJo. Perry - 149D. O'Callahan Jr. - 162
3rd ScratchM. Spanbauer - 150D. Clingersmith - 164 (MOC)
1st HdcpC. Bellegia - 153/137B. O'Donnell - 164/138 (MOC)
2nd HdcpD. Ciurczak - 153/143M. Oliveira - 174/138
3rd HdcpG. Corsaro Jr. - 157/145D. Radt - 170/140

Sunday June 18th 10am - Rich's Expert Door A & B Medalist

Sponsored by Terrance Pratt

10am> P. Holody

            D. Reynolds

            D. Ciurczak

            J. Ciurczak

10:32> J. Spanbauer

            S. Tubinis

            D. Rickard

            D. Cuddy

10:08> D. O'Callahan Sr.

            M. Izzarelli

            D. O'Callahan Jr.

            P. DeMunda

10:40> T. Hanna

             D. Clingersmith

             A. Fabrizio

             JoJo Perry

10:16> B. Kaumeyer

            R. Zendano

            J. Munro

            N. Vitello

10:48> D. Crocker

            R. Williams

            F. Nearhoff

            G. Bane

10:24> M. Spanbauer

            R. Horn

            J. Vitello

            B. Spacone

10:56> C. Turner

            M. Oliveira

            T. Teeto Sr,

            T. Teeto Jr. 

A Flight Handicap

1stC. Perry224/203

Sunday June 11th 10am - Arthur Havlik Memorial 2 Man Scramble

Sponsored by Al and Judy Fabrizio

Saturday Oct. 21st 10am - Two Man Scramble

1st ScratchC. Perry/J. Luzak - 62
2nd ScratchJJ. Perry/M. Spanbauer - 65
1st HDCP

C. Fama/Stroedel - 69/61

2nd HDCPJ. Munro/McCue - 71/63

We are always looking for new sponsors. If you know of someone willing to sponsor a tournament please let us know. We still have open dates and would be happy to fill in those dates.

A Flight Scratch

1stJoJo Perry218 (Playoff)
2ndJim Munro


3rdJ. Casero Jr.220

1stP. Buffone/P. Buffone - 75/61
2ndJ. Ciurczak/C. Duff - 70/63
3rdD. Cuddy/D. Rickard - 69/64

Sunday Sept. 17th 10am - Red-White-Blue 2 Man Scramble

Sponsored by Griffon Restaurant and Doug Crocker​​

1stR. Horn/D. Clingersmith - 56/53
2ndJoJo Perry/M. Spanbauer - 58/56
3rdM. Scibilia/N. Scibilia - 61/57 (MOC)

The following have qualified or picked by the Board of Directors to represent the HPGC. Please confirm that you are available to play to the team captains.

Sunday May 7th 11am - A and B Flight Individual - Opening Tournament, Dues Payment, Match Play SIgn Up

Sponsored by Judi's Lounge (Rick Williams) and The Polish Nook (Stosh Kajfasz)


End-of-Year Dinner Sunday October 22nd @ 6pm at Lasalle Sportsman Club.

1stB. Clingersmith/R. Horn - 59/54 (MOC)
2ndT. Teeto Sr./J/ Casero - 59/54
3rdG. Cosaro Sr./G. Corsaro Jr. - 65/57 (MOC)


This is a tentative schedule and subject to change


Saturday August 19th - 10am  & Sunday August 20th 10am

Hosted by Hyde Park Golf Club

B Flight Scratch

1stD. Reynolds244
2ndD. Crocker245
3rdD. O'Callahan Jr.247