Saturday May 15th - Bill Boyle 2 Man Best Ball @ Dande Farms

Saturday June 26th - A & B Team Championship @ Hyde Park GC

Friday July 9th - - Senior 2 Man Best Ball @ Hamburg GC

Tuesday July 27th - Sr. Individual Championship @ Seneca Hickory Stick

​Saturday August 28th - - 2 Man Scramble @ Elma Meadows GC

Friday Sept. 10th & Saturday Sept. 11th - Individual Championship @ Grover Cleveland GC

Click here for  BDGA SCHEDULE


Last update on 09.13.21

This is tentative and subject to change. Please check back often.

We will no longer accept Paypal for dues or tournament fees.

Dues and tournament entrance fees can be paid using Venmo. If you currently do not use Venmo click here to go to their website and install the app.

Please send an email to Nfjimc at with your email address. We must have that in order to add you to the GHIN system.

Venmo payment should go to James-Ciurczak

Checks can be made out and mailed to the following:

Hyde Park Golf Club

1241 Brandi Dr.

​Niagara Falls, NY 14304

Full Membership - $50.00

Associate Membership - $25.00

Junior Membership -  $20.00




>Saturday May 1st 11am - A, B & C Flight Medalist sponsored by HPGC

Also sign up for 32 Man Match Play Tournament and Ryder Cup 2 Day Tournament


A FlightB Flight
1st HdcpG. O'Callaghan - 81/71P. Buffone - 90/73
2nd HdcpJ. Casero Sr. - 78/72G. Bane - 90/74
3rd HdcpG. Corsaro - 78/73D. Cuddy - 86/74
ScratchS. Tubinis - 81D. Ross - 86

>Saturday May 8th 11am - Tom Teetos Auto Center Member/Guest 2 Man Best Ball

Sponsored by Tom Teeto Sr.

​Also sign up for 32 Man Match Play Tournament and Ryder Cup 2 Day Tournament

1stJ. Munro/D. Otto - 70/62
2ndD. Cuddy/D. Rickard - 70/63
3rdD. Shanahan/J. Quinn - 70/65 (MOC)
ScratchC. Perry/D. Perry

>Sunday May 16th 11am - West Herr Honda A-B-C Individual

Ryder Cup teams and format will be announced

Hot Dogs and Burgers following the tournament Covid rules dependent.

Sponsored by Jerry Signore


A FlightB Flight
1st HdcpJ. Burge - 76/66M. Oliveira - 82/69
2nd HdcpJ. Casero Sr. - 73/67T. Teeto Sr. - 82/70
3rd HdcpS. Hood - 76/68B. O'Donnell - 84/71
ScratchJ. Munro - 74D. Ross - 84

>Saturday May 22nd & Sunday May 23rd 11am - One Niagara Tourist Center Ryder Cup

You MUST be able to play both days.

Sponsored by Rick Horn & Paul Grenga

Congratulations to Team Perry who forged a dramatic comeback on the final day secure the win!

>Sunday May 30th 11am - Joey's Pizzeria A-B-C Medalist A and B Team Qualifier

Double Jaco Cup points!

Sponsored by Joey's Pizzeria and John Spanbauer


A FlightB/C Flight
1st HdcpJ. Casero Sr. - 72/66 MOCT. Rickard - 82/67
2nd HdcpJ. Burge - 75/66 MOCD. Wager - 81/70
3rd HdcpJ. Munro - 71/66T. Tedesco - 83/71 MOC
ScratchJ. Perry - 78C. Duff - 84

Congratulations to the following individuals and teams who will be representing the club in the WNYPLGA Team Championship.

J. Munro/C. Perry - G. O'Callaghan/T. Tedesco - D. Wager/T. Teeto Sr. - T. Hanna/R. Zendano - M. Spanbauer/S. Hood - G. Corsaro Jr./D. Ciurczak

D. Rickard/B. Clingersmith - J. Perry/J. Casero Sr. - J. Burge/J. Destino - D. Crocker/J. Ciurczak - D. Ross/D. Clingersmith - R. Horn/E. Johns

D. Cuddy/P. Demunda - D. Reynolds/P. Holody - J. Spanbauer/J. Vitello

​​>Sunday June 13th 11am - Patsy Ciccarelli Memorial 2 Man Scramble

Sponsored by Pat Ciccarelli

1stJ. Munro/A. McCue - 59
2ndR. Horn/G. Corsaro Jr. - 61 (MOC)
3rdB. O'Donnell/M. Tierney - 61
1st ScratchM. Shanahan/A. Luchese - 66 (MOC)

>Sunday June 20th 11am - Ricky Lauglin Memorial A-B-C Medalist Father's Day Special

Sponsored by Jimmy Lauglin


A FlightB FlightC Flight
1st HdcpB. McLeod - 72/65 (MOC)J. Spanbauer - 79/67D. Radt - 84/66
2nd HdcpJ. Munro - 70/65T. Rickard - 82/67L. Aceti - 88/68
3rd HdcpJ. Casero Jr. - 77/67G. Signore - 83/70G. Bane - 87/71
ScratchD. Ciurczak - 70D. Clingersmith - 81P. Buffone - 87

>Sunday June 27th 11am - Harold and Agnes Burns Memorial 36 Tournament

Sponsored by Mike and Robin Burns


A FlightB Flight
1stJim Munro - 40 pts.Dave Cuddy - 41 pts
2ndJ. Casero - 37 pts. (MOC)J. Spanbauer - 40 pts.
3rdC. Drongosky - 34 pts.R. Williams - 38 pts.

>Saturday July 3rd 11am - Dan O'Callaghan Firework Special - Format TBD

Sponsored by Dan O'Callaghan

1stJ. Vitello/B. McLeod - 60/57 (MOC)
2mdP. Demunda/Priebe - 60/57
3rdC. Perry/M. Spanbauer - 61/59
1st ScratchJ. Perry/B. Priebe - 62 (MOC)

>Sunday July 11th 9am - J.A. Brundage 6-6-6

Sponsored by Jojo Perry

1stD. Ross/J.Vitello - 69/63
2ndP. Demunda/R. Freeman - 70/64 (MOC)
3rdD. Rickard/D. Cuddy - 70/64


>Friday July 23rd 1:30pm; Saturday July 24th 9:30am and Sunday July 25th 9:30am

A-B-C Flights Scratch and Handicap

Dinner following the tournament

Dues MUST be paid by July 1st in order to compete

Sponsored by One Niagara Tourist Center


A FlightB FlightC Flight
1st ScratchD. Ciurczak - 220G. O'Callaghan - 234V. Genua - 256
2nd ScratchC. Perry - 222J. Spanbauer - 242R. Stott - 259
3rd ScratchJ. Munro - 224J. Vitello - 243 (MOC)D.Stott - 260
1st HdcpR. Horn - 202D. Cuddy - 210T. Rickard - 214
2nd HdcpD. Shanahan - 205P. Buffone - 214L. Acetti - 215
3rd HdcpJ. Casero Sr. - 206M. Tierney - 215D. Crocker - 218

Sunday August 1st 8:30am - Niagara Novelties Nick DeSimone Memorial

Member/Guest Red-White-Blue

Sponsored by Tom Hanna Sr.

1stD. Meeter/B. Hall - 56
2ndG. O'Callaghan/J. Spanbauer - 57
3rdD. O'Callaghan Jr./E. Collins - 58 (MOC)
1st ScratchC. Perry/D. Perry - 59

>Saturday August 7th 12pm - John Spanbauer Memorial Member/Guest 2 Man Shamble

Sponsored by Mike Spanbauer

1st ScratchJ. Munro/S. Munro - 63
2nd ScratchB. McLeod/T. Tedesco - 64 (MOC)
1st HdcpD. Meteer/A. Naumovski - 58

Sunday August 8th 9am - Arthur Havlik Memorial 2 Man Scramble
Sponsored by Al and Judy Fabrizio

1st HdcpJ. Perry/J. Munro - 56/55
2nd HdcpW. Cummings/R. Horn - 60/57
3rd HdcpP. Holody/C. Duff - 68/62 (MOC)
1st ScratchD. Ciurczak/C. Bellegia - 65 (MOC)

>Saturday August 21st & Sunday August 22nd - Niagara Golf Partners City Championship.

This is a non-club event and is being ran by NGP. It does not count towards the Jaco Cup standings. Sign up is done either via Golf Genius email that was sent out or by signing up in the clubhouse.

>Sunday August 29th 10am - Bruce Kaumeyer Memorial - Medalist A-B-C

Sponsored by Family of Bruce Kaumeyer (Food & Refreshments to follow)


A FlightB Flight
1st HdcpJ. Munro - 68/67M. Tierney - 79/66
2nd HdcpG. O'Callaghan - 80/69 (MOC)J. Jacob - 81/67
3rd HdcpJ. Casero Sr. - 75/69D. Clingersmith - 78/68
Low ScratchS. Hood - 77 (MOC)M. Oliveira - 82

>Sunday September 5th 10am - Red-White-Blue 2 Man Scramble

Sponsored by Kelly on the Green's.

1st HdcpG. O'Callaghan/J. Casero Sr. - 61/58
2nd HdcpD. Crocker/G. Signore - 66/59 (MOC)
3rd HdcpB. Spacone/T. Rickard - 70/59
1st ScratchB. McLeod/T. Tedesco - 63 (MOC)

Sunday September 12th 10am - Medalist A-B-C -Final Jaco Cup Tournament


A FlightB Flight
1st HdcpE. Johns - 78/69R. Williams - 88/66
2nd HdcpJ. Casero Sr. - 76/70P. Buffone - 82/70
3rd HdcpP. Ciccarelli - 77/71D. Ross - 83/70
1st ScratchJ. Munro - 75D. Reynolds - 81

Sunday September 19th 10am - A-B-C Medalist

10am> S. Tubinis

            J. Casero Sr.

            P. Ciccarelli

            R. Freeman

10:07> D. Reynolds

            P. Demunda

            P. Holody

            D. Ross

10:14> B. Spacone

            D. Wager

            D. Radt

            B. Clingersmith

10:21> T. Rickard

             T. Teeto Sr.

             G. O'Callaghan

             D. Cuddy

10:28> J. Spanbauer

            P. Buffone

            E. Johns

            J. Destino

Saturday October 16th  11am - TBD

Saturday October 23rd 11am- TBD

The End of Year Banquet will be held on Friday October 15th at Kelly's on the Greens. The exact time to be determined. Prior to the dinner we are planning to play a Four Man Scramble with teams being assigned via Golf Genius. More details to follow.