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As you should be aware the USGA and the R & A have adopted some new rules and rule changes governing the game of golf. These new rules and rule changes will go into effect in 2019. They are NOT in effect for this season, although the USGA has stated that local clubs can adopt any of the new rules for the upcoming 2018 season as a local rule to see what effect they will have on the game.

The Board appointed Rules Committee has reviewed the new rules and rule changes and has recommended that we adopt certain ones for our 2018 season. Along with these they have also reviewed the rules we often play by, i.e. Rake & Place and have proposed specific guidelines to ensure an equal playing field.

Below are the rules that the HPGC will be playing by for the 2018 season:

  • Out of Bounds - A new rule will be adopted in accordance with the 2019 rules set forth by the USGA.  Instead of replaying the shot from the original spot, a player will be allowed to take a stroke and distance penalty. The player may drop a ball on a line as far back as they wish with where the original shot first crossed the out of bounds markers under a two stroke penalty. As an example if your tee shot is hit out of bounds you may elect to not re-tee but rather drop a ball as far back as you wish on the line the ball first crossed the out of bounds markers. Once dropped your next shot will be your fourth stroke. (Tee shot 1, Out of Bounds Penalty 2, Drop 3, Hitting 4)

  • Rake & Place in Sand Traps - Remember that raking in a trap is an option. You are not required to do it. This year if you elect to rake the trap you are required to drop the ball from a height of at least 6 inches. You are no longer allowed to place the ball. You will also now be allowed to move the ball within a 12 inch radius of where it originally came to rest. (The ball must remain within the hazard)

  • Lift, Clean & Place - After cleaning your ball you have a maximum area of 12 inches no nearer the hole to place it back into play. You are not allowed to change surfaces meaning you are not allowed to move it from the rough to the fairway or from the fringe onto the green.

  • Grounding Club in a Hazard - You are now allowed to ground your club within a hazard (not a sand trap) with no penalty.

  • Double Hitting - There will no longer be a penalty for double hitting a ball with one swing.

  • Lost Ball Time Limit - The time allowed to look for a last ball has been reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.

The Board has begun planning for the upcoming 2018 season. A tentative schedule is now posted. 

After reviewing tournament results over the last several years and consulting with our Handicap Chairman, the Board has decided to create a C Flight for 2018. This will allow more players a chance to finish in the money.

The Flights will be set as follows: A - 0 to 9 ; B -10 to 16 ; C - 17 and over.

In addition we lowered the required players for a Flight to qualify in a tournament from 10 to 8. So if 8 players are in any Flight for a tournament it will count. If less than 8 players are in the B Fight they will move up to the A Flight. If less than 8 players are in the C Flight they will move up to the B FLight.

Regarding the upcoming Rule Changes, they will not take effect until 2019 so we will not be affected this year.  The USGA has stated that clubs can actually begin using the rules for this season under the Local Rule provision meaning we can incorporate some or all of them if we see fit. To this end, the Board has created a Rules Committee to study the proposed rule changes and see which ones if any may benefit us this season. The recommended rules that we will be implementing are listed at the bottom of this page. In addition we will also be providing a handout at each tournament with these rules.

As always we are depending on your scruples and honesty in adhering to these rules. 

Just a reminder that last year we eliminated the Any-Day Tournaments. Over the last several years it has become increasingly difficult to find weekends that were available without one, two or sometimes three tournaments already booked making the course unavailable for the majority of members to be able to get a round in to post a score. This led to us cancelling several of the tournaments due to a lack of minimum scores needed to be posted. The sponsors for these tournaments have been kind enough to agree to allow us to make the tournaments a scheduled tournament moving forward.

So two years using the GHIN handicapping system has gone very well and has been well received by the membership. All paid members are provided with a GHIN number in order to access the system and enter in their scores. Moving to the GHIN system provides you with the ability to see your handicap at anytime should you choose to play in a tournament elsewhere. Updating the handicaps is done automatically and on a regular basis which proves to be more accurate as well. For those that do not have access to a computer or smart phone in order to enter your scores, cards can still be dropped into our club box and your score will be entered by one of the GHIN committee members. Anyone wishing to have a GHIN handicap on file for participation in the WNYPLGA and BDGA tournaments only, and not participate in our club tournaments, may do so by becoming an Associate Member. Cost is $25.00.

The course was re-rated by the BDGA in conjunction with the USGA in order for us to be compliant in using the GHIN system. Current courses rating:
Blue Tees - Index 71.3 Slope 119
White Tees - Index 69.6 Slope - 118
Red Tees - Index 70.4 Slope - 105

In conjunction with the new rating, the handicap for each hole was been reviewed as well. Some holes were handicapped higher or lower than they should have been. The score cards should now show the correct handicap for each hole.

Speaking of hole handicaps the Board of Directors have decided that beginning in 2017 the tie breaker for any tournament not requiring a playoff, will be decided by a match of cards beginning with the highest handicapped hole, followed by the next highest handicapped hole and so on until a winner is determined.

Thanks to Jaco's Pizzeria who sponsors our version of the Fedex Cup. Let's all participate, have fun and feel free to offer up suggestions.

This will be a year long event and is a total point system based on ALL tournaments.
Points cannot be accumalated unless dues are paid.
Handicap scores, all players in one flight
Anyone posting a score in any tournament will receive points. 

Points will be awarded as follows:

 If there are 20 players who posted scores first place will receive 20 points, second place 19 points, third place 18 points and so forth with the last place person receiving 1 point.  When two or more players tie with the same score the points for those postions will be added together and distributed evenly. For example, three players shoot 80 and are in the third spot of a 40 man tournament. So they are in point slots 38, 37 and 36. Those points will be added together and divided among all three players so each would receive 37 points.
In team events such as a Two Man Best Ball the following system will be used. If 18 teams (36 players) enter and post scores both individuals from the first place team will receive 18 points, both individuals for second place will receive 17 points and so on with the last place team each receiving 1 point.
The Club Championship and the City Championship will be considered Major Tournaments and points awarded will be doubled. If 25 players post scores the first place finisher will receive 50 points, second 48 points, and so on with the last place person receiving 2 points.

Gift Cards will be awarded as follows:

1st Place - $75
2nd Place - $60
3rd Place - $50
4th Place - $30
5th Place - $25


Last Name First Name Total
O'Callahan Dan Jr. 143
Demunda Paul 139.5
Ciurczak Jim 138.5
Spanbauer John 129
Ciurczak Dave 118
Clingersmith Bill 117
Munro Jim 112
Bane Gerry 104
Ciccarelli Pat 100.5
Crocker Doug 98.5
O'Callahan Greg 94.5
Rickard Duane 89.5
Horn Rick 88.5
Kaumeyer Bruce 87.5
Ross Dave 86
Spanbauer Mike 85
Oliveira Mike 82
Tubinis Stan 81
Rickard Tim 79.5
Perry JoJo 74
Williams Rick 74
Fabrizio Al 73
O'Donnell Bob 69
Gravino Brandy 68
Teeto Tom Sr. 63
Zendano Rocco 61
Teeto Tom Jr. 59
Signore Gerry 58
Clingersmith Dave 56.5
Jacob Mike 55.5
Duff Chris 55
Spacone Bob 53
Perry Chris 51
Cosaro Gary Jr. 49
Nearhouf Fran 47.5
Corsaro Gary Sr. 45.5
Bellegia Chris 40.5
Reynolds Dave 39
Hanna Tom Jr. 36
Campbell Pete 31.5
Turner Carl 23
Izzarelli Mike 23
Rader Kevin 22.5
Vitello Joe 22.5
Tedesco Tom 21.5
DeSimone Nick 21.5
Holody Phil 21
Spanbauer Eric 17.5
Drozek Josh 15.5
Pratt Terry 13.5
Duff Chris 13
Hood Greg 11.5
Radt Doug 9.5
Mcleod Bruce 8
Hood Steve 6.5
Casero Jerry 4
O'Callahan Dan Sr. 4
Sippel Kevin 3.5
Calvello Ryan 3
Burns Robin 2
Dubois Paul 1​